haikyuu!! 30 day challenge

  • day 21: crossover of your choice 

everything needs a good ol’ pokemon crossover…. eVERYTHiNG


i get frustrated when i dont get a joke that has like 200k notes like what is it that 200,000 people understand that i dont 

"I’m an adult, but not like a real adult" -anyone between the ages of 18 and 25 (via prettyboystyles)


not sure what it is about tiny bows on bras and underwear but theyre neat as hell

Anonymous said: Can you draw more sick Kenma?



imagemore like kenma everyday


get to know me: [5/5] male characters | Yukine

"It’s cause we’re dead! But not them… They get to have it all! A future… Memories… A family… Friends… They get to have it all… Why don’t I? Why do I get nothing?!"

A shooting star!

Hiding your relationship from your friends…


The following you see, is a sculpture and not a cartoon! The artist in Neil Dawson and you can view this video here

It is located in New Zealand.


Kageyama + Character Development 
Kageyama is definitely changing! ~Sawamura Daichi~


I actually have the shirts (and stickers) available :D Asexual here and Aromantic here.

I actually like the Asexual!Haru idea and thought to put him in a shirt design I’ve had in my head. I added Gou too ‘cause headcanon is that she’s Aromantic which explains why she hasn’t shown interest in anyone beyond aesthetic c:

Anyway! Done with quick doodle, back to work UuU


when u stay up super late watching anime but then u get tired



Maybe I was waiting for this storm to come.